Friday, March 7, 2014

"Once Upon a Time" by Ann Onimous

Once upon a time
A princess sat in a dungeon
Thrown in against her will
Trapped by a small lock on the door.

The lock was labeled “ugly”
And she’d attached it herself
After she saw herself
In the magicless mirror.

The princess walked about
Mentally locked in her prison
That she could not escape
For she did not have the key.

And when she went to school
Some of the other students
Couldn’t see her dungeon
And just made fun of her.

They did not realize
The new locks they were making
Labeled “stupid,” “crazy,”
“Weird,” “abnormal.”

She waited for her prince
To come and break the locks
To finally set her free
And lead her away from her cell.

While she sat waiting
She passed the time with a razor
To distract from the locks
Saying “I’ll stop when he comes.”

But he never did
So she never did
She cut herself deeper
And let herself out
The quicker way
And she never saw
The beautiful princess
That she was.

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