Friday, March 28, 2014

"Similarity or Difference?" by Leo

You know, I look around my environment and what is it that I see? I see the many different humans that are alive. I see all the different interactions between people. Everything I see is different. Is that necessarily a good thing? Doesn’t all this difference in society create chaos and confusion between each other? Does this not create racism and harbored hatred between each other?

What if we lived in a world where we were all the same? What if there were no differences? Would this not create equality between all? There would be no hatred or racism. There couldn’t be, because to hate someone would be to hate yourself because everyone would be the same. Though this may seem like a peaceful thing, there would still be negative effects of this. Yes, there would be equality, but then there would be no difference.

Difference is a good thing. Difference fuels our creativity and curiosity in the world. How can we be creative when everything is the same? How can we be creative when everything can no longer be creative? Difference also fuels our curiosity, and curiosity is a good thing. Curiosity is a very powerful thing. Most of our lives have been shaped and or changed because of our curiosity of the world. Without creativity we are not human. Without curiosity we are not us.

In the end, which is better? A peaceful equal society or a creative curious society where everyone is different? Which is more ideal? Which matter more to us? Which most shapes us?

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