Friday, March 21, 2014

"Sand" by Silver

A life full of sand
As the baby is born
A grain drops
with the first laugh
The mother holds her child
Grains slipping carelessly
There are millions left
Millions of moments
to be lived

The child blows out two candles
on her second year
Slipping sand
The first time she falls off her bike
Her first day of school
Time spent with the family
Moments pass
Sand slips

Her first kiss
Her first heartbreak
Her first party
Sand has covered the bottom
She applies to college
and moves away
Slipping steadily

Her mother’s sand runs out
and in her devastation
she loses sand
She finds new love
and gets married
and has a baby boy
with a life full of sand

She wishes that there
could be a stopper
on her sand
She wants to freeze time
and live forever in the moment
of happiness with her son

But sand falls
Slowly she ages
as she watches her son grow up
Her sand is almost out
It seems to slip more quickly now
Now that she wants it the most

Her first grandchild is born
She and her husband retire
Sand slips
Holding hands
Sand slips
Watching the ocean outside
Sand drains
Five grains of sand left
Fall to the bottom
Four left
Three left
She says goodbye
Two left
She closes her eyes
One left
Her last breath

Her hourglass of life
is flipped
and she is reborn
With a life full of sand

Ahead of her.

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