Friday, May 16, 2014

"Where I'm From" by Lola Lane

I am from white radios and an endless stream of NPR
From glasses with foggy lenses and Giant-brand graham crackers.
I am from dog hair on the couch
From the worn-out, laid back warmth.
I am from the purple tulips that live for one second in Spring
From the cherry blossom tree that plagues our house with allergies
I am from movies on Christmas and Sunday night pizza.
From Clare and Kate
I’m from losing everything that can be lost and eating too fast
And from screaming one moment and laughing the next
I’m from don’t get chocolate on your dress and you’re young, you’ll bounce back
And from be the wish you want to see in the world.
I’m from DC United games and from ice cream of course
I’m from Washington, D.C.  and Irish,
Chili and Easter egg dish.
From dad riding his bike from New Jersey to California,
In two months with 200 dollars.
I’m from the dusty photo albums under the couch,
From the adventurous, the have napped and have worked out
From the try-ers and the cry-ers,
The bold and the loud,

The ones who know not everything is worth it.  

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