Friday, October 24, 2014

Haikus and Cake: Part 1

On Thursday, 10/23, the HWC celebrated the National Day on Writing. This year, anyone who wrote an original haiku and brought it to the HWC got a piece of cake! We received 107 haikus and served an entire sheet cake in exactly 13 minutes. It was thrilling.

Thanks to tutor Jaiden C. for planning this day!

We'll be publishing the haikus we received over the next few weeks.

 Herndon Powderpuff
Class of 15 won both years
Hashtag legacy
-Mr.  Kim

I have better things to do
than to do this po.....
-Sahj S.

Striker straight ahead
goes for a shot, goal denied.
Great save, goalkeeper.
-Luis A

Said, « Let them eat cake ! »
No PRIDE card for empathy
Marie Antoinette
-Mme. Rosenthal

Turtles are so cute
I would want them as a pet
Now I want some cake

I love crunchy fries
It reminds me of candy
They both taste like life

The rain is falling
There is not anyone near
The silence is bliss

My bed is so warm
My clock is so very cold
I think I’ll sleep in

Cake is really good
I am writing this for cake
Cake is so yummy

There you are, with me
You are the reason I wake
Poptarts for breakfast!

We run everywhere
We brave all the elements
This is cross country

Is this a haiku?
I’m bad with syllables
and I give up

I will try again
This is not working at all
this haiku is dead

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