Friday, October 10, 2014

"Where I'm From" by Victoria Lemmings

I am from the Grand Canyon painting in the foyer inked with smoky oranges and royal purples
From crackling fireplaces and smooth, dark marble countertops
I am from emerald green window shutters and warm brick home exterior
From lemon scented dish soap
I am from the busy butterfly bush teeming with life in the backyard
The crimson Japanese maple out front

I’m from eating Peeps before breakfast on Easter morning and stubborn opinions
From Sydney the dog and Dad
I’m from Eddy burping at the dinner table and Joey falling asleep watching football
And from Mom playing opera music too loud

I’m from “Wear your helmet” and “Just read a book”
From the upbeat Old Dan Tucker song
I’m from Fairfax Hospital and Czechoslovakia
Creamy mashed potatoes with melted butter and crumbly gluten free bread
From the time my dad surprised my mom with opera tickets
She was so surprised that she cried

From the thick, worn photo albums in the dusty dining room preserving all our memories

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