Friday, October 31, 2014

Haikus, Part 2

Fall means a new day
Brown, orange leaves falling down
Cake is a beauty

Flowers bloom brightly
Roses, tulips, violets too
I love to eat food
  • Nishay

I hate you forget
You are a banana yes
I like cake all right
  • Douglas

Food is really good
I like pizza and ice cream
I also like cake
  • Seanna

I dive into water
The water is smooth on my skin
Swimming is so fun
  • Melissa

I sleep in the kitchen,
when i’m hungry I eat food when i’m tired,
I wake up when i’m full

I am in lunch now
I am writing a haiku
Because I want cake

Sara Khan is me
I am a female person
Life is the struggle

Nature is pretty
it has lots of colors
it makes me happy

I did this for cake
I do not like poetry
But I like cake

I wake, reluctant
Too cold to get out of bed
But I need to pee

I want some good cake
I heard it is from costco
may I have some cake

Snapchats from da bae
I bet you think I like him
Nah, I’m just playin.

In the chest they hide
Under the bed secrets lie
She hopes they will die

I’m just here for cake
not for the writing center
please sire me my cake

I really like cake
Can you give me some cake please?

Everything I touch
With tenderness, alas
Pricks like a bramble

Danny is so Cool
or so he thought to himself
he’s not what he thinks


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