Friday, October 3, 2014

"The Words are Brushstrokes" by Angsty Teen

Currently, writing impacts me daily even if it is typing out a text, sitting down to let my creativity run free or writing for a class. In my personal life I like to use writing as a creative outlet. I think of everything I write as a piece of art, but instead of brushstrokes I have words. It is amazing to feel the jumbled words coming from my scattered mind come together to form a brilliant chunk of artistry. A considerable amount of pride flows through my veins when the concluding sentence magically appears on my paper. These words that are transferred onto the paper come from a deep secluded area inside my soul. These words are not meant to be said aloud. The paper is justification enough.
It is very important to me to be able to come home and pour my feelings onto a piece of paper without being judged or criticized. Throughout the writing process I always seem to retreat to my “safe haven”, my bed. The conformity of my bed is consoling. When I write by hand it is more personal because I feel like the words are coming from me rather than flowing out of a keyboard onto a hollow computer screen. The hand cramps are an added bonus to the love of writing with pencil. The part of my brain that controls creativity is nonexistent, and creativity is not just handed to me. I have to search high and low for it, I never liked hide and seek so you can see why I have a dilemma. The chase for inspiration can be tedious, so I tend to start with taking a walk with Led Zeppelin or The Sex Pistols blaring in my ears, this usually works. Thank god for Robert Plant.  

Writing for academic purposes comes a lot easier, for the fact that everything is laid out in a format that the teacher wants their students to use. I can easily follow the guidelines of a rubric and make sure that I stay on task. After I write an essay for class I seem to understand the subject ten times better. When I write something it is important to actually understand what I am writing about I guess that is why teachers exercise the use of essays, so we can better understand what we are learning, or they just find it amusing to torture students with an extreme amount or writing. When I write as a student I tend to procrastinate. When it is the last minute I go to my safe haven. At two in the morning, adrenaline pumping, I feel like I am in a race with time and my stuffed animals are there to cheer me on.

There are an abundance of reasons why writing is important. It helps us communicate and learn new things. When I write I always learn new things, and I feel as though every time I write my mind grows more vast with the knowledge that writing, ever so kindly, gives to me. Writing opens the world up into something that everyone can understand and appreciate. Writing is art.

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