Friday, October 24, 2014

"On Cake and Haikus: A Re-Cap of our National Day on Writing Celebration" by Jaiden C.

After attending the CAPTA Tutor Leader Summit in September, Junior tutor Jaiden C. proposed that the HWC celebrate the National Day on Writing with a cake and haiku party. Jaiden planned and publicized this event with the support of her fellow tutors, and she is a HUGE part of why this day was such a success. Below are Jaiden's thoughts on the day.

Can I have three cheers for the Herndon Writing Center? HIP, HIP HOORAY! Yesterday, the Herndon Writing Center successfully concluded their first ever party! Why the celebration? The National Day on Writing, of course! It was the Writing Center’s obligation to celebrate this wonderful holiday, and we celebrated in style. We had students write a haiku, turn it in, and then they got a piece of cake. Simple enough, I know.  Before I keep rambling about how awesome the Herndon Writing Center is, let me give you a quick summary on how it all went down. 

The cake, moments before it was devoured by 97 hungry poets.

First, all of the tutors showed up to the writing center to pass out cake and collect haikus. The beginning of it all was a little rough because we were totally mobbed, but we persevered through teamwork. I guess bringing cake table-to-table became a little too tedious for the tutors, so they just started an assembly line. It’s amazing to see what people can do when they work together. As students filed in through the small door, Lennon, our “bouncer,” collected their haikus. We even got a haiku on a banana! Crazy, right?

A haiku that's good for you heart

As the cake left, more haikus came in! By the end of just 13 short minutes, we had a whopping 107 haikus from 97 students and teachers! That’s so cool!
The mob of hungry poets
Look at all of them! 

A very big thank you to everyone that showed up and submitted a haiku! The HWC looks forward to making this an annual thing! Look out for any other parties we have and sign up for a tutoring session with one of our SUPER cool tutors!


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