Friday, May 29, 2015

"Piano and Writing" by Catfish

I played piano up until I was in 5th grade. I like to say that it wasn’t so much giving up as it was just me dedicating my time somewhere else. That isn’t true, I definitely quit. I go to concerts now though, and I see some maestro rocking out on the keys and I feel jealous of his talent. I feel like I had the potential within me to possibly be some sort of performer that way if I had just a little more gumption to me and a little less stage fright. In a way, when I write, when I type, I can pretend as if I play a keyboard on my laptop. It’s like I can compose melodies with phrases, and feel the crescendo of the rising action. I play softly for a more pensive passive tone, and I pray I end on a high note. I compose requiems, and I hear them sound incorrect, so I bang on the backspace hoping for some comeback to reveal itself in later portions of my piece. It’s sloppy and I hear the twang of the keys and I realize that this is the reason I quit piano when I was in fifth grade. I don‘t like it when it doesn’t sound good, when it isn’t perfect. What I have learned though is that the music can sound better despite those flaws, and if a note is held for long enough, if I hold out on these hobbies, then I can find harmony. I only hope it can resonate in the listener’s ears.

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