Friday, May 1, 2015

"Road Patrol" by William Shakespeare

In the year 2052, the god of darkness, Tenebris, came down to earth and poisoned the night. He cursed the world by making darkness a physical appearance; he wanted to take over the world and put it into eternal night. His main goal was to isolate the cities and take over earth one city at a time, his only problem was it had to be done at nighttime. Tenebris made darkness deadly to the touch, one moment of contact and an innocent person would be completely consumed by the blackness that the dark brought with it. His soul would be ripped from his body, consumed by darkness, only leaving the body that whose insides were turned completely black. Society went into a frenzy, freaking out and rushing into the brightly lit cities such as New York and London. Humanity crowded roads and created days of traffic to enter into cities. As nighttime came, lampposts located on the streets were too weak compared to the power Tenebris gave darkness. Darkness swept over roads and highways, easily burning out the lamppost lights. Millions of people died on their journey to survival, only bodies left as evidence. While people were rushing into the cities, political leaders and scientists started producing new and powerful LED lights that shine all through the night and managed to keep darkness out of the cities. Once in the cities, people never left; they stayed within the safety of their home and rarely went out except for food and work. The government began to worry, knowing without travel the economy of the world would be seriously hurt. So, they began to construct lights that would make it safe for travel. The newly built roads had beaming LED lights located every twenty feet and high power generators to keep the lights on all through the night. But, to ensure that the roads are safe, there has to be someone to monitor it.

They’re called road patrol. Their job is to patrol the highways and make sure the lights are all in order. It may not seem like a big task, but the image of the lights going while people are driving can create fear amongst drivers. Ever since the invention of road patrol, they’ve never experienced a problem in all their years of service. The workers are equipped with light up vests, pants, shoes, and hats. If the lights were to go out, it assures them enough time to get the emergency lights running before darkness completely consumes the drivers. Road patrol has made their message very clear that their main concern is keeping the public safe. They put their lives at risk every day and constantly look for any signs of danger. Road patrol may not be as popular as the president, but they’re a vital part to society. They’re like the security blanket for children; they ensure that nothing will go wrong while they’re out on the roads doing their jobs.

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