Friday, October 30, 2015

"Get Rich Quick!" by Drake's Ghostwriter

How to get rich quick: The first step to getting rick quick is to establish yourself as a brand. A brand should be complete with logo, business cards, and a website for your desired field. Next, make friends! But not just any friends, make friends with higher ups in your respective field! You only want friends who can help you and not ones who just want to hang out with you. Why would you waste your life with idiots that want to have fun if you could be making money instead? Who cares about actual "relationships", or as we like to call them here "relationshits", when you can make money? Lastly, use the people met in step two to be successful! Establish yourself as a powerhouse in your field! Destroy the competition, rake in the cash, buy your way into societal acceptance! However, to stay on top you'll want to portray the image of a decent human being. To do this, just use all the cash you have acquired to hire an image consultant and donate to some poor charity every once in a while. That's all from us! We guarantee you'll get rich if you follow these steps exactly! 

"How to get rich quick" is brought to you by American capitalism.

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