Friday, October 30, 2015

"We're Not So Different After All" by The Scarlet Stitch

I am a huge fan of claiming that my sister and I are polar opposites, but I realized on homecoming how much we actually resemble each other. A month before homecoming I was excited for a cosplay meet up I wanted to attend while my sister was excited for her first homecoming. My priority was buying materials, such as fabric and yarn, for my cosplay. Her priority was buying a dress and shoes.

During this period of time both of us were planning our outfits a month in advance. Even if I was working on a costume while she looked for a dress we still shared the desire for nice outfits. A week before homecoming I was sewing and crocheting my costume while she was trying on her dress and shoes. I tried different hairstyles on my wig while she experimented with her own hair. I spoke with friends about the event location and picture sessions; she did the same with her friends. During the week we both focused on planning event details and making sure our outfits for the evening were perfect.

At last the day of homecoming arrived. I went downtown and cosplayed with my friends while she stayed at home with her friends to do their hair and makeup. My cosplay group took over an hour to take photos. Her homecoming group took a long time taking photos too. By the end of the day I finally realized that we had spent our day in similar ways. We both spent time in outfits we had planned out weeks in advance. We both spent a good part of our event taking photos. We both spent time with our friends. We may seem different and appear to have completely different interests, but in reality we share the same goals and passions in varying forms.

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