Friday, October 16, 2015

"The Hallway" by Kelly Shepard

THE hallway. No, it’s not just like any other hallway because it’s THE hallway. Things happen in this hallway that don’t happen in any other hallway and probably shouldn’t happen at all. Doors shut on their own accord and stress is a physical being, a fog that spreads into every crevice of the corridor. The hallway has a soul of its own. Never able to be navigated because each day the doors shift, turns are added or removed. On top of that, the hallway is always either eerily quiet, or the sound of a storm and tress whipping against windows. No windows exist in this hallway though. Once inside, the feeling of being trapped fills your mind and your heart rate picks up. You feel as though your life will end here and no one will know. You wonder how many have passed away in that very spot.

You run around searching for a place to escape the creepy sounds and the nightmarish thoughts that invade your thoughts. Opening every door you see, trying to find that one room that will bring your heart rate back to normal and your thoughts back to the pleasant side. Every door you open shows a place worse than the nightmarish hallway. Within the doors are torture chambers and confines for your soul. Nothing feels right. You need to escape. You feel restricted to be the person that the hallway creates you to be. By the time you finally find a way out, you should be committed to a mental institution.

All hope is nearly lost when you open the last door in the winding maze of a hallway: The Writing Center. Within this room, it’s as if our mind is free to explore and is no longer in restraints. It’s as if a bright open field at midday has been placed within the room, creating an environment that is so peaceful and full of possibilities that you think a unicorn could appear and start frolicking with a leprechaun. No thoughts of the hallway outside could penetrate the bliss felt when you enter this room. You have escaped the horrible hallway and found peace.

Welcome to the Writing Center!!

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