Friday, October 16, 2015

"Ode to Bologna" by Aria M.

O Bologna, O Bologna, you divine lunch meat
No matter how hard other meats try, you just cannot be beat!
Your flavor is amazing, and it is oh so unique
You are so very splendid, I could eat you thrice a week!
So pink, smoked, red, and tender you are
In fact, when I think about it, your flavor is quite bizarre
So many nitrates and chemicals can be found
Inside your processed patties!
If I drop you on the ground,
The dog won’t even eat you!
You bring the dog much fright
With your disgusting, sticky flavor,
I’ll be throwing up all night!
O Bologna, you’re so icky, you weird and pungent freak!
You reek! Your flavor is so bleak, it makes me just yell “EEK!”
So Bologna, O Bologna, you devilish lunch meat,

No matter how hard you’ll ever try, you will always be beat!

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