Friday, March 18, 2016

"Science" by Wayne Bow

We are our own mitochondria:

We have power.
We’ve conquered the elements
And drawn tables upon which we
Plan the future of mankind.

We have power.

There are obstacles, yes.
Every person has their own fire
That sucks the air out of our lungs
But the ones that cannot be diffused through
I can count on my digits,
And they’re far from significant.

Go figure.

I learned that the friction is negligible.
Resistance should not b
e considered and that
No matter who you are,
There’s always going to be a force
That will support you with every step.

And you don’t have to be normal.
There’s no need to conform or be constant.
Be independent. Be varied.
Be the evolution that you want to see in this world
And confirm the positive results.

I learned that we are all attracted to each other.
Even if it’s just on some subatomic level,
We are all magnets that pull at each other.
To be closer. We want to be closer
And not in terms of sign.
I’m positive that the fact that we exist is enough.

The fact is that our bodies are designed to protect.
We’re hardwired to reduce pain and suffering.
We are designed to be safe, but we’re also designed to be free.

We are designed at birth and we resign our losses
As nothing more than a virus.
We take DNA for destiny and let it choose for us.

Education is an art, and it’s up to us to interpret it.
The facts can be devised to suit our own needs,
So do what you want with what you have.

Embrace the virus! Attack the system that keeps
Us from experiencing the world around us.

Be nervous. Be edgy.
Be sensitive but not defensive.
Sense the world’s willingness to comply.
Let your bonds be broken and be free
From all material desires.

I learned that almost everything in the universe
Is comprised mostly of atoms, and how
Atoms are comprised of almost nothing.

I questioned how much of us are really here,

And if we’re not here, then where are we?

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