Friday, March 4, 2016

“Why You Should Go To the Nova Mini Maker Faire” by The Scarlet Stitch

On Sunday March 13th, 2016 the third annual Nova Mini Maker Faire will be held at South Lakes High and Hughes Middle school. The Maker Faire is a celebration of creativity and innovation. At the faire, there will be something for people of all ages to enjoy. There will be exhibits ranging from science and engineering projects to arts and crafts! If you are looking for an exciting way to spend your Sunday then look no more!

What makes the faire so much fun is the hands-on nature of it. Most of the makers at the faire have thought up a way for you to enjoy and experience their projects yourself. At the faire you can fly drones, perform science experiments, play with yarn, and so much more! You are guaranteed to walk out of the Maker Faire having learned something new!

Another reason I’m so excited for the Faire is because I am going to be a Maker in it! Come out and visit me as the Scarlet Stitch. I will be debuting a new crochet costume and a crochet sculpture of a velociraptor. Me and my team will be there to promote all things related to yarn crafting, especially crochet! We will have crochet crash courses and crochet themed coloring book pages too! Come say hi at the faire and learn more about my favorite craft!

When planning your weekend, make room for the Nova Mini Maker Faire! Be sure to spread the word and bring your friends. Have fun, learn something new, and get inspired to create!

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